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I think I watched Kept for almost four hours today. That's pretty pathetic.
So once again, I've accomplished nothing.

It's late and I can't sleep

This is normal for me. I can be as tired as the goodyear plant (haha bad joke..) and I still can't sleep. I'll stay awake til 3 AM or so. And just sit here and think. And think... And think....... and think some more.

The worst part is I never come to any conclusions.

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I'm just sitting up, listening to music, thinking. Thinking about life. Thinking about love. Thinking if it exists. Thinking if I want to watch a movie. Thinking about every random thing I can think of thinking about, just bouncing around in my head like a ball in a pinball machine.

Another Day, Another Play

Well, Par for the Corpse finished its running. Like usual, it got better as it went. Highlights from the last show included Jed (Tim Snyder) saying, "Can't anyone answer the door, I've got icicles hanging from my chest hair", and "I need a drink, my mouth is drier than my family's gene pool" (yeah he was the "white trash" character who lived deep in the woods and had a bearded wife who was 6'2"). Anyways glad that's over. Next play will be Don't Drink the Water in 2 weeks, and boy, do I have lines to memorize.

Craazy Kenyans

If you didn't know, those Kenyans can be crazy in different ways than just running marathons with 3 minute miles

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I wanna do this some day. I want to get free treatment in the hospitals. Medicare isn't cheap, ya know....

don't make the one life you have boring...

Par for the Corpse opens in 3 hours. It should be good. I have the excited/nervous feeling before 1st shows that i usually get. FINALLY. I don't do that well if i'm not a little nervous at least

Alex and i just got back from taking pictures of abandoned places in Moneta.

So.. a few months ago, I accidentally dented the hood of a car owned by the dad of a girl i know. It was an accident, we were messing around. But she didn't take any responsibility for being part of it, and said that I jumped on the car hood. Anyway, I have to pay for it now. Damnit. So my parents, being the geniuses they are, took $800 out of my college fund. And they aren't paying for my school. So I just keep getting continually screwed.

Well I need a shower I feel gross.

Jun. 22nd, 2005


join, because crying isn't just for girls

Well well well

I haven't written in awhile, since i left my house saturday night. Here's what happened (and this has been a long time coming):

So Alex comes over after Annie and we're gonna watch mean girls cuz she's never seen it. So she gets there a little after 12, and she walks in, and my dad is just glaring at her...I mean, a hate glare. Like the glare I would give George Bush if I met him, or the glare that a victim would give to a rapist almost... She's really uncomfortable, so we go downstairs.
So my brother calls from the movie and needs a ride. We get him and come back, and the lecture starts. "What are you doing having people over at this time? This is bedtime for normal people. Only college kids stay up this late." (At this point I interject with "Alex is in college", only to hear "not right now she's not"...asshole). "blah blah blah". I start yelling. Call him a dick, asshole, fucker..lots of names and cliff isn't too happy. Alex leaves and i rip into him, threaten him w/ a knife, say that if you're kicking alex out, i'm leaving too...." So i throw my stuff in a bag and leave, haven't been home for two days.

On a happier note, not being home is great. I like it, and it's possible that i might just move out @ 18 if this keeps happening. OH well... w/e.


I wish I had my car and I didn't have to be at the U at 9something tomorrow. The city calls for me. I can hear it like the moon seems to draw out the howl of a wolf. Hopefully I won't sit around at the Gibson-Nagurski football complex not knowing whats going on again (good times Jon). Hopefully camp will go fast.

So I saw Batman Begins at midnight last night. We drove all the way to Sioux Falls, got back at a quarter to 5. Great movie. Fantastic.

I really wish that I could stay gone from Sheldon. I'd be so much happier. Unfortunately I have a good 400 days or so...